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Every Kind of One | Glossarium {2017}

Every Kind of One explores the truths we pass down through generations in attempt to construct order in chaos and reconcile with the dissonance felt between lessons that are taught and actions observed. Choreographer Margaret Wiss and North Atlantic Dance Theater Director Lucy Warren-Whitman created Glossarium in response to this work.

SOUND MATERIAL: Slowly melting ice dripping from a rain gutter; solo cello; crackling record player; a flock of bird wings; a book closing; the voice of Gertrude Stein reading excerpts from The Making of Americans

Glossarium | Every Kind of One

Margaret Wiss | Beau Kenyon

March 16 & 17 2018

BU Dance Theatre

Performed by North Atlantic Dance Theatre

Dancers: Rachel Burke, Colleen Edwards, Maya Holden, Tara Hutton