wonder*sense @ KAM {2018}

WONDER*SENSE @ KAM, a site-responsive installation by Natalia Zubko and Beau Kenyon was created especially for the Kingsborough Art Museum. The sound, light, and sculpture installation was inspired by a research trip the artists took to the Arctic Circle to study the Aurora Borealis in January/February 2017.

wonder*sense @ KAM

The Aurora is a sonic response to the fleeting​​ and intense dance of the arctic lights-- the intimacy and vastness of silence while portraying the often conflicting emotions evoked by this natural phenomena. Installed in Zubko’s Cathedral.

Installed in tandem with Natalia Zubko’s, Stillness, waiting. is designed to capture that internal shift that occurs when anticipation turns to meditation.

Derivative of future stars is inspired by the diverse, ever-changing, yet connected landscape of Iceland. The topography changed swiftly and severely yet seemed to poignantly remind you of what came before. This piece resonates from within Zubko’s AfterLightBefore.